Interior Design Trends for 2022 You Must See

Interior Design Trends for 2022 You Must See!

As we delve into 2022, it’s essential to know the upcoming trends if you’re looking to give your home a serious makeover. Popular interior designs are perfect for showing off on social media, but it’s also true that some aesthetics can provide inner peace to our lives.

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The pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, isolate and generally spend a lot more time in our homes over the past couple of years. You may be getting tired of the colour of your walls, or your outdated furniture. Trends that were popular just a couple of years ago are already beginning to die out. The minimalist look of crisp, white walls lack that warm, comforting feel. Founder of Jungalow, Justina Blakeney says, “The trend that I believe is going the way of the past is all white everything.” So, could we be seeing bright and colourful designs creep back into our homes this year?
If you’re wondering what the upcoming colour trends are or want to find some new and quirky furnishing ideas, this is the perfect place to find some inspiration.

Bold Patterns and Colours.

Older colour schemes from the past could be making a comeback this year. "I expect to see a lot of bold color and pattern reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, and green in all shades as we continue to bring the outdoors in. I am especially fond of the more muted shades of green such as Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog, as seen in my own bedroom," says Beth Diana Smith, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design.

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It looks as though green could be a popular colour choice for 2022 as Marcus Barwell also says, “I believe we will see a move away from neutrals and people will be using more vibrant colors and bold patterned fabrics. Citrus green and RAF blue are colors I think we will see a lot of.”

Calming Blues

Although you might want some rooms to be bold and quirky, there is also the desire for some calming tones to the rooms you’d like to feel at peace in.  “Providing a fresh, light and optimistic feel to spaces, calm blues are on the rise, with homeowners choosing to breathe new life into spaces," says Juliette Thomas of Juliette’s Interiors.

The prestigious Dulux have also chosen their paint colour Bright Skies, a soft blue shade, as its colour of the year for 2022. Pantone have also named "Very Peri" as its 2022 Color of the Year. A bold blue with a violet-red undertone, you can expect to see the shade show up in everything from furniture to decor. These can definitely be expected to be seen as household favourites this year.

(Dulux, blue skies)


Bringing the outdoors indoors. The rise of nurturing house plants has become one of the many latest trends in recent years. Justina Blakely says, “With folks looking to bring a little magic into their lives after a couple of very tough years, I see earth's magical wonders taking center stage: objects made from sparkling crystals and swirling marbles, mushroom silhouettes, pieces that incorporate raw natural materials and exotic flora and fauna motifs.”

Pavot blue interiors brought a little magic with their dried flower arrangements here


Far more people are making small changes that are needed to help the environment. This includes making use of sustainable resources for interior design in our homes.
“Looking into the sustainability of everything is a must and it is really excellent that so many designers are trying to learn what the best materials are to use for the long-term health of our eco-system. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from!" says Robert and Cortney Novogratz for The Shade Store.
⦁ 3D Art and Textures.
“Any art that pops right off the wall, and can be configured in different ways, is going to be very popular this year,” says Lauren Behfarin, Lauren Behfarin Design.
Textured vases and rugs are also coming into play this year. As Kathryn M. Ireland notes, “As a textile fanatic and color maven, revamping fabrics is where I feel you get most bang.”

Arches and Curves

Designers expect curved arches to become even more popular within our homes this year. Poppy Peace, Creative Director of Milc Interiors says “Seen gently sweeping through many new hotels and top restaurants, the elegant appeal of curves is set to rise in popularity." But how can we bring this look into our own homes? "Alcove shelving and bold, coloured headboards are proving the perfect way to encourage the trend," she says. 

"Furnishings of white oak with curves bring a fresh and soft wavy feeling. From curved corners within walls and cabinets to curved backs of sofas, dining chairs and arched cabinets, the angular line of furnishing is softening," says Michelle Harrison-McAllister.

Slatted Designs.

“With fluted glass a popular trend in 2021, we’re seeing this move towards fluted wood design. From kitchen cabinetry to statement headboards, the new trend for three-dimensional, vertical silhouettes ensures interiors will stand out in 2022," says Poppy Peace. The idea of panelling walls can help to zone your space and shift a sense of proportion into your room. "With clever, elongating properties, the linear nature of slatted designs also helps to give the appearance of taller ceilings,” continues Poppy. This may be an interesting touch for smaller kitchens or bedrooms.

Statement Lighting

Basic light shades are becoming a thing of the past with more interesting designs coming into play within people’s homes. Rob Lessmann, MD and founder of luxury interior design studio Design’d Living says, "Good lighting should be changeable to create the desired ambience, work light, relaxing light, specific lighting to highlight various features, artwork, ceiling cornicing, decorative features." We should embrace the lights in our house to suit the needs of each room.

Courtesy of house and home...stunning light but oh so stunning marble!

Travel-Inspired Interior

With people back out and travelling around the world again, our homes will most likely see some new cultural touches. “People will be traveling again, so interiors will take on a nomadic adventurous flare. I see lots of tenting and low banquettes with Turkish poofs and cigarette tables,” says Mark D. Sikes.

Will you be trying some of the new trends for 2022? 

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