Black and white sheepskin ROBIN
Black and white sheepskin ROBIN
Black and white sheepskin ROBIN
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Black and white sheepskin ROBIN

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Robin is a stunning white and black large Icelandic rug full of warm and dense cosy fur. She smells beautiful and is just as stunning in real life.


Measuring around 115cm in length x 70cm (fur side to widest point) she sits perfectly covering a small chair or as a throw draping over a large armchair.


The wool measures around 10-20cm in depth, please note all measurements are approximate as natural products will undoubtedly differ to a small degree


Ethically sourced from simply the best tannery and eco tanned in line with European regulations, all natural genuine products here! 



Icelandic LAMBSKIN 

A heritage breed of sheep well-suited to withstanding the country’s harsh weather conditions. The unique long wool is the result of a century adaptation to the harsh climate in Iceland. Lambs spend their lives  roaming the wild country’s lush hills and valleys unfettered, eating delicious fresh herbs and grasses, with almost no contact with humans.

Icelandic fleece is dual-coated. The long outer coat is called tog protecting lambs against water and the fine inner coat þel keeping them sheep warm. 

Lambskin will create Your home 

stylish & cozy 

ECO tanned skin without chrome, biodegradable, organic, ECO friendly. 


Brush and vacuum regularly to keep wool fluffy, soft and neat


Dry clean only.


Small stains and minor soiling can be sponged off with a damp cloth. You can use special liquid cleanser for wool, mix it with water and use froth only to clean stains (do not use much water). Stretch lambskin to shape it after cleaning. Leave skin to dry away. After a few hours of drying away from sunlight and direct heat, comb the fleece with the pet comb to fluff it out.



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