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On trend eco friendly homewear with genuine real fur sheepskin rugs dried flowers and preserved flowers for weddings or home decor alongside faux foliage and organic textiles.

Accessories for home, dress your home with wonderful sheepskins, add a statement to your walls with some gorgeous wallhangings and art. Bring your home to life with some fabulous dried flowers and grasses. The list is endless for unique handmade products.

Focusing on sustainable living and beauty by nature. Sourcing eco friendly natural products for the home. Dress your home so that you fall in love with it every time you walk through the door

Pavot Blue home decor accessories : Luxury sheepskin rugs 

What is so magical and fabulous about the genuine sheepskin accessories? It is soft and fluffy and creates a chic vibe of any interior. These genuine sheepskin throws are softening the wood surfaces. The sheepskin, this natural material will be a cozy must-have of your living room, bedroom or study.

Handpicked home decor items: the Pampas Bouquet and Dried Flower collection

Why dried flowers and pampas? These bouquets are lifting you mood and decorate your living room or diner making it classy.

marble viola coffee table
calacatta viola marble tall plinth for coffee and decor
calacatta viola marble tall plinth for coffee and decor
calacatta viola marble tall plinth for coffee and decor
calacatta viola marble tall plinth for coffee and decor
calacatta viola marble tall plinth for coffee and decor
calacatta viola marble tall plinth for coffee and decor

Calacatta Viola Marble plinth coffee table

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The Minimalist Decor Store ... Step Inside

Over the years The Pavot Blue, our minimalist decor store has built a returning client base ranging from retail stores and interior designers along with private shoppers. 

Handpicked items, all timeless pieces of homeware. Clean lines and untreated wood surfaces are softened by genuine dried plants and sheepskins and plenty of quality fabrics, dried flower bouquets. Quality pieces that last a long time. 


Minimalist interior with a simple colour palette. The direct opposite to an eclectic plan where your mind rambles. Pavot Blue interior helps you create a restful space that is a blessing in every home. A home where the troubles of everyday life can melt away. A home where you feel relaxed, comfortable and free to think.  We provide some unique products to create a classy.

Minimalist style is chic and . However, that doesn't mean that it's deficient in certainty. In actuality, a Minimalist inside is a confident portrayal of plan and individual inclination. Its very quintessence is tied in with zeroing in on a couple, explicitly choosing things in a room-pieces picked with profound thought and conviction.

Minimalist in name, Minimalist in nature, Minimalist plan includes only a couple of shadings in the room, a solid inclining towards mathematical formed furnishings and themes, and multifunctional furniture-less pieces in the room imply that those which take care of business, need to work more diligently.

Neutral pieces sprinkled in harmony - dried flowers and nature inside the room

When you choose your home decor items, find those that really bring you joy. Incorporate the rare finds, the one that has the vibe that resonates with you. Do not create clutter, devote your resources to buy quality items that last longer. This way you can avoid visual clutter in the environment. 

Our sustainable decor range offers not only quality products but also a secure shopping system, exceptional customer service and speedy shipping to all countries around the world. Shop with us today and let us prove that we deserve your business.