How Instagram can affect our mental health


Jump aboard the insta rollercoaster.

I guess if you’re  reading this you’re  already aboard the crazy bubble of instagram and for many there is no getting off, an addictive pursuit filled with highs and lows but what is it that keeps us glued to our screens?

Certainly the social side of this platform is one to be applauded as it is a place to share your passion with like-minded people and today’s answer to the good old pen pal. Where else could you show off your latest home purchase or your freshly painted wall without feeling just a little self absorbed or just plain silly?!


And instagram certainly has that community feel and is a great source of inspiration for many. For me it has brought many positives as it has given me the confidence to try new things and explore a more creative side. Painting a wall has now become a pleasure as you feel there may be a reward at the end, acknowledgment from your followers and the thrill of creating a new photograph opportunity!


(Most liked picture)

The high of posting a picture that receives your best amount of likes and many compliments is certainly addictive and it can be a real sense of achievement. However with any high there is always a low.  I’m sure most of you have created a look, faffed forever and spent all your spare time capturing your perfect square only for it to flop and leave you with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. That low can be crippling and can impact your mindset in ways that most of us don’t even like to admit. The doubt starts creeping in, did I get the styling wrong, is the picture too dark, is my home not worthy! But the doubt doesn’t stop there, as this is a social media platform and we are putting ourselves out there for all to see with our little captions with a bit of ourselves laid bare the doubt continues. Am I not funny, interesting, engaging...what am I doing wrong?!

Truth is nothing! You’re doing you and in my experience insta isn’t a fair game and it’s not a level playing field. Who knows what goes on behind those squares in the confusing old world of the instagram algorithm? All I know is that I’m on a journey and enjoying the people I’m meeting along the way. I’m certainly learning too, if you look back and pictures of your own or many accounts you follow in most cases you will see an obvious development in their squares.


Starting the newinteriorsontheblock hashtag was a mission to try to combat the problem of smaller accounts struggling to grow. When you are small the struggle is real. To be seen in the big old insta world is an uphill battle. We wanted to try to even this disadvantage out as much as possible by creating a mini community where we could all support one another and help give each other that extra push. It’s working guys we are seeing some accounts grow and flourish and feel there is a real sense of support between us.

We have also seen support from many of the bigger accounts out there as they too feel the pain. The trouble is like with anything you set yourself targets/goals in your head, can I better my pictures, can I grow my followers, can I achieve more likes and it’s a bit of a vicious soon as you meet these targets you set yourself another one! Put down in writing this all sounds madness but yet we are all still here!


(I’ve even tried a flatlay thanks to Emma @tealightsandtantrums)

Insta is also costing so many of us an absolute fortune! My husband often bans me from buying as he says it’s just another prop for Instagram...sadly he’s not wrong. However my home is much better styled because of Instagram and to any visitors of my home it is very special. We need a reality check now and again or indeed an insta break, we are all different and we need to celebrate that.

Note to self: be kind to yourself, you’re  not being judged, your square is worthy, you are you and you are loved and your home is amazing! Instagram just can’t possibly show us every square all of the time and there aren’t enough hours in the day for us to show love to every square x

Lastly just to say I’m actually quite a private person but Instagram has given me the confidence through all your kindness and support to put more of myself out there and do things like write this little blog so Thankyou xx

And’s ONLY INSTAGRAM, nothing you see is real, you don’t see the ironing pile in the background, the kids fingerprints on the walls or the holes in my curtains where my dog has blooming chewed them up!!!


Thankyou for taking time out to read by first ever blog, I would love to know your thoughts xxx Danielle @daniellelouisedoughty



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